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Ghini's French Caffe

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Most people  would not think that the best French food in town could be found in a strip mall next to a grocery store, but Ghini's restaurant is no stranger to bucking trends. Ghini's offers up delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch and the occasional dinner (Ghini's is only open on Friday nights for dinner). This charming French café will have you yearning for the provincial countryside, and while that might be out of reach, at least you can enjoy a spectacular eggs provençale, an espresso and a mimosa. While you're in, be sure to stop over on the bakery side and pick up a fresh baguette or delicious pastry.

Runners up:

2. Le Rendez-Vous

3844 E. Fort Lowell Road


3. Agustin Brasserie

100 S. Avenida del Convento, Suite 150


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