Best Dive Bar

Buffet Bar & Crock Pot

38 E. Ninth St.

If you are looking for an honest-to-God dive bar with a three-beer tap and possibly a fistfight at any moment, then The Buffet is a must. The Ninth Street neighborhood favorite, which celebrated its 85th birthday in September, is a great spot to go, whether you’re looking for a dirt-cheap pitcher of beer or a spot to see Tucsonans of all shapes and sizes doing a host of, shall we say, entertaining things. Make sure you make it to the bar for their infamous “Happy Minute,” which happens at 11:11 p.m. every night. Anyone in the bar at that moment gets a voucher for a $1 pitcher of beer, which is a helluva deal. The Buffet is unapologetic about its gruff ways, just as any dive bar should be.

Runners Up

2. The Shelter Cocktail Lounge

3. Surly Wench

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