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This is the place you're most apt to muster a crew for your Black Pearl, or encounter landlubbing pirates enjoying hamburgers and a bottle of rum. Grill is belligerent about being welcoming, to anyone and everyone, 24-7. Its menu features a treatise on the subject. That doesn't mean they'll be nice to you or that service will be timely, but the patrons and the staff are always a good show, and its location is perfect for a lifesaving meatloaf or catfish sandwich when your legs or your spirit give out on a downtown venture. Grill is comfortably down-at-heels, with its antique, unicorn murals peeling from the walls and its neon turkey gleaming overhead. Smokers welcome.

Runners up:

2. Frank's Restaurant, 3843 E. Pima St., 881-2710,

3. 5 and Diner, 4520 N. Stone Ave., 690-1957,

Unclear on the concept vote: "The Melting Pot"

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