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Peter Piper Pizza

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The pizza might be tasty—and the word "pizza" is part of Peter Piper Pizza's name—but the pie is an afterthought when kids get a glimpse of all of the other stuff around the place. Every imaginable game or plaything that dings, dongs, sings, buzzes, flashes or otherwise makes lots of noise packs the floor; kids can tally up tickets with certain activities to win useless yet exciting prizes. What might be a night in hell for parents—especially if the birthday party comes complete with a gaggle of screaming kids—is heaven in Tucson for children. C'mon, isn't your kid worth it?

Runners up:

2. Pump It Up

3248 N. Freeway Industrial Loop, No. 108


3. Chuck E. Cheese's

6130 E. Speedway Blvd.


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