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Jay Bee's Auto Service

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We'd like to think of auto mechanics as cruel torturers bent on extracting secrets from malfunctioning cars. If a Volkswagen could talk, it would say a trip to the shop is like a visit to the Nazi dentist in Marathon Man. Gives new meaning to the term "fahrvergnügen," doesn't it? The people at Jay Bee's Auto Service don't lend themselves to this interpretation of their craft. Owner Jacqui Harry has the type of smooth, friendly voice generally reserved for morning-show disc jockeys. And, damn, is she knowledgeable, with 17 years in the business under her belt! Cars everywhere can run a little easier with the realization that Harry uses her powers for the forces of good.

Runners up:

2. Sooter's Auto Service, 429 E. Sixth St., 623-1002

3. Nippon Motor Service, 4630 E. First St., 881-8976

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