Behind Enemy Lines

Rated NR

Behind Enemy Lines stars Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson, but never mind; not even Hackman can do a thing with this un-fun compendium of random manly action-movie clichés. Wilson plays a Navy flier shot down over Bosnia who sees something he shouldn't and then has to run and run and run from rotten scowling genocidal guys. And he keeps littering, which helps them. However, bullets cannot touch him and he always shoots true, so he survives against all odds to make his admiral (that would be Hackman) proud, but not before Hackman also does the right thing, ruining his career, because those NATO nancy-boys won't step up to the plate and save our boy. It just goes on like that, and half an hour in you realize the filmmakers think we're all idiots. We do get to see some really nice weathered granite exposures in Slovakia, however, and very beautiful footage of trees.

Film Credits

Director: John Moore

Cast: Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman and Joaquim de Almeida

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