Bangkok Dangerous

Rated NR

Nicolas Cage is in wounded-dog mode for Bangkok Dangerous, a listless, unimaginative and unexciting hitman-diary movie that extends Cage’s “suck” streak. He plays Joe, a somber hitman visiting Bangkok to complete some jobs for a shady businessman. He hires an errand boy named Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) after he sees him steal a wallet, and then he falls in love with a deaf woman. Cage is in a rut. Movies like this, Ghost Rider, Next and The Wicker Man aren’t doing much to advance his career; he’s damaging his rep with every mope-faced performance. He’s also not helping things with his choice of hairpieces. Here, the wig is black and stringy to go with his pale white complexion; he seems to be going for that mid-’90s Trent Reznor look, but the result is something more like Christina Ricci circa Addams Family Values. Just shave your head like Willis did, and call it a day!

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