Art & Craft

An absorbing documentary that delivers moral ambiguity and an intriguing central character, “Art and Craft” takes us inside the world of art forgery. There is no mystery about the identity of the thief, however. Mark Landis is a willing participant in this film, readily admitting that he’s conned museums around the country into acquiring his fakes. He usually creates an elaborate backstory about how he came into possession of original masterworks, stories that are never vetted, and he hands over cheap knock-offs he creates in his bedroom as the real thing. Landis doesn’t take a dime for it, though, and that’s what complicates matters. When his deceit was first uncovered in 2008, Landis shrugged and kept right on producing, if that’s the right word. He’s a troubled guy—a diagnosed schizophrenic, a true recluse—but Landis loves to make copies and tell stories. But does that make it no harm, no foul?

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