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Based on Alice Hoffman’s novel, it’s Splash for the Nickelodeon-watching, Mandy Moore-listening tweener crowd. Neptune, King of the Sea with powers to create tsunamis, has arranged the marriage of his disapproving daughter. In romantic defiance, Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) washes ashore at a Florida beach resort to prove that love truly exists. The fish-out-of-water trades in her tail for tanned legs that are good only until dark, before befriending two 13-year-olds (Emma “Julia’s Niece” Roberts and Jo Jo Levesque). The helpful humans teach Aquamarine how to win the heart of a cute, muscular lifeguard through standard teenaged tactics like prank calling and blatant ignoring. Meanwhile, a scheming blonde bombshell quickly becomes jealous of Aquamarine’s boy-toying skills, and vies for the object of everyone’s affection, too. The 10- to 14-year-old female crowd might enjoy this extended sitcom with a wink and giggle. For others, director Elizabeth Allen’s sophomoric directorial attempt flounders desperately.

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