Angel Eyes

Rated R

James Caviezel turned down the chance to study at Julliard in order to take a minor role in the ponderous Kevin Costner-affiliated Wyatt Earp. Whoops. Apparently impressed by the big flopping sound that movie made, he's since been in a bunch of turkeys, including last year's ghastly Pay It Forward. Angel Eyes is basically a spinoff centered on the heart-of-gold junkie character Caviezel played in that film, minus the heroin but with all the somnambular mannerisms and soulful-eyed innocence intact. Playing a mysterious but benevolent man set emotionally adrift by tragedy, Caviezel takes it upon himself to be a sort of guardian?and who knows, possibly a lover?to bristly cop Jennifer Lopez. Capably but not well scripted, acted and directed, Angel Eyes isn't necessarily a bad movie, but it's eerily, frustratingly anonymous; the film really has absolutely nothing to distinguish it in any way, good or bad, from scores of other dramas. You could spend $7 to see Angel Eyes, or you could just go up to the top floor of a tall building and watch faceless people formicating on the ground below; it would be about the same thing.

Film Credits

Director: Luis Mandoki

Cast: Jennifer Lopez and James Caviezel

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