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Director Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita) rips off the finding-a-beautiful-woman-on-a-bridge shtick from Patrice Leconte’s La Fille sur le pont, combines it with a little It’s a Wonderful Life and adds an extra helping of Disney-esque schmaltz to make this annoying romance movie. The plot revolves around André, who’s either a lowlife or a morally upright individual, depending on which part of the film you’re watching. When André meets the beautiful Angela, she decides to become his slave and whore herself out for him. It’s a mildly revolting premise, and it’s made all the more revolting by the lighthearted way Besson handles it. Worst of all is a series of shouting arguments between André and Angela that seem completely unmotivated. If you like watching people yell at each other for no reason, and you want to see a really unoriginal movie about a divine being who has sex in nightclub bathrooms, then I’d highly recommend Angel-A.

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