American Pie 2

Rated NR

No baked goods were harmed during the making of this sequel. Amen. However, I do not know if I can say the same about the unfortunate audiences watching this tasteless and demeaning garbage. With a shortage of substantial job offers, the entire cast of the raunchy 1999 predecessor returns for another sex-obsessed summer as horny adolescents with sexual conquests as their sole motivation. To add any sense of worth to this utterly shallow premise, director J.B. Rogers makes some desperate attempts at humor with a nasty urine shower, a Superglue mishap and pointless homoerotic pornography. But instead of creating any laughter, a mindless sex-o-rama depicting men as sex fiends and women as sex objects has been created. Is this really what the entertainment world is coming to? American Pie will make America cry.

Film Credits

Director: J.B. Rogers

Cast: Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth

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