All Together

Rated NR

The Jeopardy! answer is Tout Va Bien, and the question is: “This had been the last Jane Fonda movie shot in French.” Godard’s film was 40 years ago, and Fonda dusts off her Français for All Together, a comedy about growing old. Fonda—whose French is really good, by the way—portrays Jeanne, a retired professor who moves into one big house with her husband, another couple and a longtime friend. There are real possibilities here, but director Stéphane Robelin seems content to let that basic construct simmer, and hope that the rest comes naturally. The key performances—Fonda and fellow second-generation star Geraldine Chaplin—are good, but imagine if they had more to do. All Together is a little too observational and should have been more invested in what the setup could produce.

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