Al Franken: God Spoke

Rated NR

It seems that politics has become a nasty business. To that end, Al Franken has appointed himself the angry man of the left, angrily pointing at the angry men of the right as they lie their way to power. In God Spoke, we see him grow angrier and angrier as he Fights For Freedom. It’s overblown and hagiographic and makes Franken, whom I’ve always found wise and funny, seem like exactly the kind of blowhard he rails against. I guess what Nietzsche said about fighting monsters is true, and with foes like the execrable Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, it may have been impossible for Franken to avoid becoming a monster himself. Still, that this film focuses on him at his shallowest and most combative is unfortunate, because he’s one of the few radio political commentators I’ve heard who is actually concerned with facts and reason.

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