Agent Cody Banks

Rated NR

Banks, Cody Banks—junior special agent recruited by the CIA. Trained in covert tactics for top-secret operations using standard high-tech equipment. Skilled in stunt driving, martial arts and death-defying skateboarding maneuvers. My mission: to thwart the mad scientist from releasing his metal-munching nano-robots by playing undercover Casanova to his darling daughter. But there’s just one problem: I’m a nervous and tongue-tied insecure pubescent wreck when it comes to girls. Luckily, I have my handler, a voluptuous vixen, Hollywood’s sitcom-style convenient plots that exceed implausible scenarios and much-needed special effects on my side. Director Harold Zwart is no visionary or cinematic savant with this typical idealized teen flick, but he is a thoughtful adult who will get kids out of the house for adequate entertainment while the parents enjoy a quiet night at home.

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