Academy Award Nominated Animated Short Films

Rated NR

The Academy sometimes nominates a few really good animated shorts, but they always include a bunch of standard, goofy comedies that seem more like expensive versions of old Saturday morning cartoons than the kind of groundbreaking experimentalism you’d expect from an award-winning film. This year’s assortment is mostly in the goofy category. There’s a Wallace and Gromit film; a computer animated bit about a grandmother who takes fairy tales a little too personally; a one-joke piece wherein death and a doctor fight over the soul of an elderly woman; and a tremendously obvious and predictable piece about a businessman, a nun and homeless person hanging out at the same café. These are passably amusing, but the highlight is Logorama, a police/action film wherein all the characters, buildings, props and sets are made out of familiar corporate logos. It’s pure eye candy, and though it doesn’t have anything deep to say, its visual inventiveness sets it apart.

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