A Mighty Wind

Rated NR

Thank God for Christopher Guest and company. Their Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show proved that comedy could actually be funny. Now, with A Mighty Wind they show that it can be sad, too. Telling the story of the reunion of several ’60s-era folk acts, Mighty Wind features some of the most amazing performances of the century (and not just because the century is less than four years old). Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are particularly poignant (yes, poignant) as Mitch and Mickey, a folk duo whose final act involved throwing things at each other and then releasing records with names like "Die Bitch Die." Also fabulous: Jane Lynch as Laurie Bohner, former porn starlet turned theme-park folk singer and founder of WINC: Witches In Natural Color, a scientific religion based on the patently obvious principle that humans are just colors vibrating at the 49th harmonic. Please see this movie so that Guest and company will be encouraged to make more and I’ll have something to look forward to while sitting through Vin Diesel Grunts at Breasts Part 2: The Detumescing.

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