A Man Apart

Rated NR

Not even Vin Diesel’s bulging biceps and deep, raspy voice can save this scattered and incoherent movie mess by director F. Gary Gray. The muscle-bound actor stars as a cutthroat DEA agent in the narcotics division who captures a Mexican drug cartel after a seven-year manhunt and now seeks vengeance for the brutal murder of his trophy wife. Ironically, the incarcerated kingpin later acts as Hannibal Lecter to help Mr. Chisel Chest in his cat-and-mouse chase that constantly bounces around from one location to another and quickly makes viewers confused of where the film started out in the first place. But that’s a moot point because the long, convoluted road only leads to countless contradictions, random and disjointed scenes, a weak sidekick in cornrows and a pretty boy with a record for jaywalking in his precious blue suede shoes.

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