A Cat in Paris

Rated NR

Animated movies are absolutely dominated by Disney and Dreamworks. It wasn't too many years ago that Jimmy Neutron and Treasure Planet got Oscar nominations. Lately, however, foreign films like Persepolis, The Illusionist and the works of Miyazaki (even though they're distributed by Disney in the U.S.) have changed the landscape a little bit, bringing with them the idea that these movies can be deep and challenging while also being rewarding and profitable. A Cat in Paris, a Best Animated Feature nominee this past year, continues to move the bar higher. Wonderfully colorful, hand-drawn, and bursting with childlike curiosity, A Cat in Paris is the journey of a young girl who follows her cat during his nightly escapades, accidentally stumbling onto some nefarious gangsters. At only 69 minutes, A Cat in Paris leaves you wanting more, and that's both good and bad. But it's great fun while it lasts.

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