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  1. A Matter of Numbers

    Experts say it's only a matter of time before an animal disease disaster strikes the unsecured U.S.-Mexico border

  2. Burdened Beasts

    Yet another victim of the border debacle: horses used by smugglers

  3. Insane Reality

    Part-time Patagonia resident Philip Caputo uses the border as his inspiration in 'Crossers'

  4. The Castro Chronicles

    At 93, Arizona's only Mexican-American governor keeps on telling his inspirational story

  5. Chico and the Monkey

    How many times were a border coyote and his accomplice captured and released by law enforcement? Would you believe 35?

  6. Cannabis Cultivation

    U.S. Forest Service land is increasingly fertile ground for pot plants grown by Mexican cartels

  7. Guest Commentary

    Here's to my second-longest relationship--with the 'Tucson Weekly'

  8. Let's Climb the Wall

    The feds want you to think they're finally controlling the border. Think again.

  9. Nature vs. Security

    Environmentalists want a new wilderness area on the border. But who's going to tell the smugglers to take a hike?

  10. Images From the Battleground

    Ranchers 75 miles from Tucson say bad border policies have resulted in a daily invasion of drugs, death, pollution and violence

  11. Luck and Fear

    A border-area home invasion has forced residents to take action

  12. Winged Threat

    An invasive moth that feasts on prickly pear species is moving closer to Arizona

  13. Trashing Arizona

    Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day—and it's devastating the environment

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks April 2009

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  14. Threats and Degradation

    A congressman uncovers two buried studies showing the impacts of illegal immigration, smuggling

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks Dec 2009

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  15. Following the Amnesty Trail

    Leo W. Banks follows one of Arizona's most popular illegal alien crossing routes and finds piles of garbage, trampled public lands, angry residents and the suspected presence of a vicious gang

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks Feb 2007

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  16. Under Siege

    As illegal immigrants surge across Southern Arizona, life for ranchers living near the border has become a living hell

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks March 2005

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  17. The Saga of Three Points

    The settlement 25 miles southwest of Tucson has an awful reputation. Is there hope for the place?

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks March 2004

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  18. Other Than Mexicans

    Are terrorists entering the United States through Arizona's border with Mexico? This question is getting a lot of media attention--so we sent Leo W. Banks to the border to find out what the buzz is all about.

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks Sept 2004

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  19. Susie's Letter to Mexico

    A family is tired of witnessing the suffering of immigrants abandoned by their own government

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks Nov 2005

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  20. The Chiricahua Corridor

    Drug-trafficking and crime victimize residents and destroy the environment along the Southern Arizona-New Mexico border

    Dale says:

    Leo Banks Sep 2008

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  21. Border Gadgets

    Illegal crossers have motivated a series of fascinating technological innovations

  22. Catastrophe in Care

    Hospitals are being crippled by the costs of treating migrants--and that could be just the start of an immigrant-related health crisis

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