40 Days and 40 Nights

Rated NR

Apparently if I were a 20-something-year old guy, all I'd ever see, do, and think would relate to sex. Then, if I were to commit to a 40-day sentence of abstinence for some reason, I'd end up looking like a strung-out pallid-faced junkie with raccoon eyes and a sex-deprived twitch. Next, I'd sterilize my house o' porn, start a model car hobby, and make a lonely man's Friday night laundry ritual where I'd meet a Laundromat cutie. Since I couldn't sleep with her, I'd actually have to talk to her, go on a magical bus ride date and engage in orgasmic flower sex. Now, what if this sexoholic playboy syndrome was contagious? Pretty soon the devoted priest would be forced to leave the seminary, the noble boss would become a chronic masturbator, and co-workers would compose their day thinking only about the length of time a man could remain celibate. Can you imagine the horror of it all? Well, apparently writer Robert Perez has in order to create this shallow cinematic trash that is insulting to the entire male population.

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Cast: Josh Hartnett

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