3 Days to Kill

Rated PG-13 116 minutes 2014

In the opening scene of 3 Days to Kill, the CIA director tells an agent (Amber Heard) that she must travel to Belgrade, determine the identity of the mysterious villain called “the Wolf” and in the process take out his second-in-command. “Apprehend the ‘Albino,’” the CIA director says without laughing. Later, we learn that a Turk in Paris runs a limo company that “caters to the Albino.” But even without horrible dialogue and Cold War-era noms de guerre, 3 Days to Kill is still awful. Kevin Costner plays an aging spy on the same case, and he’s dying of brain cancer. He’s come to Paris to reconnect with his wife and daughter before he dies, but Heard has a special drug cocktail that can keep him alive … but only if he, you know, apprehends the Albino. If this movie is his life, he’d be better off dead.

Film Credits

Director: McG

Producer: Marc Libert, Ryan Kavanaugh and Tucker Tooley

Cast: Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen, Tomas Lemarquis, Richard Sammel, Marc Andréoni, Bruno Ricci, Jonas Bloquet, Eriq Ebouaney, Joakhim Sigue, Alison Valence, Big John and Michaël Meiren


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