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Re: “Guest Commentary

"Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It's like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won't fatten the dog."
- Speech 11/23/1900 - Mark Twain

Thomas Jefferson quotes:
When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.

Posted by 151880353 on 01/13/2011 at 12:58 PM

Re: “Guest Commentary

What an ignorant person Mr. Hoffman is in this article! Love the political rhetoric which has not basis in facts, but very much what is wrong with our country; hate and apathetic mongering. This propaganda contributed to the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, injury of countless and the death of five decent people, by no cause of their own.

Mr. Hoffman is more interested in pointing fingers, rather than being a true American, which respect civility and the need of consensus that serves every citizen of Arizona, than the few rich elite. The actions taken during the last election, shows that words either said or written can be a catalyst for our own home grown terrorist. The concept of say anything to win, by scaring people to attain their vote, generates these type of incidents historically in the world (Hitler did the same, as have many dictators).

Timothy McVey the Oklahoma bomber is a prime example of what these shock talk show and political pundits create; then when an incident occurs, they coward from their responsibility and the actions they took in deny-ability. It is a sad statement to proclaim yourself an American and not feel any responsibility for your actions or contributions to the problems. Democrat or Republicans, we are all Americans first and are responsible for each other in this democracy, either if we agree or not with someones views.

God bless everyone!

Posted by 151880353 on 01/13/2011 at 11:28 AM

Re: “CD8: Republicans Respond to RNC Chair's Comments on Afghanistan

There is a failure to communicate! In the responses there is allot of political dogma, misinformation, propaganda and ignorance to the dynamics of the Afghanistan and our enslavement in this war. Having served for the Joint Tactical Operation Command, after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States by Al Qaida who were being protected by the Taliban a movement that gain a foot hole in the area at the end of the Cold War. Upon the United States covert operations to have Afghanistan fighters with the Soviet Union, our nation provided weapons to defeat them. When the Soviet Union was defeated, congress blocked any funds for reconstruction and to build the peace for this country, thus a power struggle ensued allowing a radical for of Islam take hold in parts of this country (Under a Republican Administration). During the Clinton Administration, intelligence analysis in Washington DC for covert operations recognized a clear and present danger of a new type of terrorist organization which in the world of military history was called a "NONFOR" or non-conventional force. This new type of combatant used religion as a vehicle for recruitment, violence and power in the political vacuum left by all world powers after the fall of the Soviet Union, using the United States the only remaining super power as a focus for their movement. The Clinton Administration attempted several times to neutralize this potential threat, but ran into "Cold War Tactics" for an organization that used none conventional warfare and was successful in brainwashing normally intelligent, affluent, well educated recruits into what they called a JIHAD. This new NONOPFOR had no country borders, well organized, used the Internet, satellite telephones and high technology to bring their violence in various parts of the world, besides being able to turn a young man or woman to strap explosives on themselves, kill innocent people, while surrendering their lives in the process.

Upon the end of the Clinton Administration tenure, the on-coming administration was given a threat to the United States brief, which was debunked by the Cold War mentality that an group of individuals could even organize such an organizations or have the knowledge to prosecute such a war on the United States, focusing on Cold War tactics, diplomacy and the premise that only a state with trained uniformed could attack the United States. In this brief given to then President Bush, he was warmed of a clear and present danger of the United States of America by such a group, which they dismissed to the dismay of many analysis and people in the field that were dealing with this problem during the previous administration.

On September 11, 2001, the prediction came true, but the Cold War view of warfare was not revised to meet the danger, with a view that we could pound these "rag heads with our bombs, pay Afghanistan warlords mercenaries and use special forces to train a provide logistical support with minimum lost of American lives. The United States succeeded to some extent to destroy Taliban forces to some extent, but did not employ sufficient forces, funds and political will to win the war outright, as the tactics of Fire Power and Attrition were utilized, instead of using Tactical and Maneuver to ensure you won the peace. The Taliban escaped to other areas with the remnants to Al Qaida terrorist organization.

Then President Bush turn his attention to Iraq, which though the United States had fought a was and placed a heavy embargo, which contained Saddam Hussein who was contained and in 1993, special operations had destroyed any military threat, including Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Several organizations worldwide, including the threat analysis teams of the United States, had Iraq contained and knew of the misinformation to weapons systems which this country no longer had in its arsenal. During this administration there was an assessment that the United States could get a foothold (using Cold War Tactics and mentality) by removing Saddam Hussein from power and control the oil wealth of this nation, by US Oil interest. It is a fact, the Saddam was a brutal dictator, but he kept things running, even in his violence, as there was no leader that the United States, nor the world community, that could fill the vacuum with his removal and keep other problems with Iran in check. It may not have been the best of choices, but at least he kept terrorist and Al Qaida out of his country or any para military groups.

The president authorized a plan for his removal, using what analyst who worked closely in 1993 in boxing Iraq ambitions and the interest of members within this administration to complete unfinished business, dating to the first Gulf War.

With this and a series of United Nations, United States driven initiative, the focus of the war turn from a naive understanding of the NONFOR tactics and ill conceived use of United States power. The resources for Afghanistan were diverted by the Bush Administration in an assumption that this enemy could not regroup, nor be a threat to our country.

The United States prosecuted a war in Iraq which cost countless soldiers lives and injuries, with insufficient assets to win the peace. You destroy something like a nation, then you have to rebuild the infrastructure, otherwise, as it has been proven historically in warfare, you create a more massive problem, in feeding and dealing with discontent by the population you invaded. Iraq was a disaster in short term understanding of the broader picture, just like in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, the United States never won the peace with the necessary resources to rebuild the country for eight years. We took our eyes off the ball, the real target in the prosecution of this war and allowed the enemy to re-group, thus the failures of this naive, ignorant approach to warfare, based on Cold War concepts that required tactical and maneuver with forces willing to have the resources and knowledge of the culture, customs and resolve. The war in Afghanistan was won with a small investment of our resources, mostly money to buy the loyalty of forces fighting against the Taliban and the terrorist. The corruption of the political system in Afghanistan is long standing, but the past administration fostered this evil, as being a contributor.

President Obama did not start this war, but I can assure you, that since he took office, more of the leadership of both the Taliban and Al Qaida have been killed, then in all the eight years this war was prosecuted by the previous administration, regardless if they are in any country in the world. You do not advertise your successes in the press, you do not give away your tactics, you do not put your soldiers in harms way unless you can prosecute the war and win the peace. If you have problems with these success in the prosecution of this was war, read Sun Tzu "The Art of War." The United States will be at war with this NONFOR for many years, due the failures of the past administration utilizing failed plans based on flawed premises. Young Men and Women will die this summer, because of failed policies (by the previous administration), lack of knowledge and the very corrupted practice of putting people in charge, ill trained and equipped to fight a different type of war, that advance weapons technology, developed for Cold War prosecution of combat cannot defeat. "To win wars, you adapt and overcome," that is how we defeated the British European tactics, using gorilla warfare, ambushing, shooting from behind trees, making the land sparse and being very good shots. We have somehow lost our heritage of warfare, I believe this president is dragging and kicking our arm forces to live to the heritage of this country and win this battle, with a little human casualties as possible.

Pray for our soldiers and stop this propaganda of Obama bashing, which is more based on ignorance, than facts!

Posted by 151880353 on 07/08/2010 at 10:23 PM

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