13 Conversations About One Thing

Rated NR

What brings you happiness? A loving marriage? A $2 million winning lottery ticket? A successful law practice? A dime-bag of heroin? Or maybe plump garden tomatoes? For the ensemble cast of characters in writer/director Jill Sprecher’s slow-paced dialogue-driven drama, these things are their sources of personal solace and joy. However, life isn’t all skipping through the dandelion-speckled meadows on a sunny afternoon since sadness and hardship can propagate just as quickly and easily. You could be a victim of a hit and run like Clea Duvall’s character, or lose your wife due to an illicit love affair like John Turturro’s character. Is this due to fate or does everything occur because of mere serendipity? Now, just because this film is charged with poignant thought-provoking questions doesn’t mean that you should see it. So, simply read this review, sit back and contemplate the issues, and skip the monotonous boredom brought to you by Ms. Clockwatchers.

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