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Director Dennis Iliadis’ sins are forgiven. He’s the guy who was behind the lame Last House on the Left remake a few years back. Not only am I giving him a full pardon, but I’m also declaring +1 one of the best sci-fi films of the year. After high school senior David kisses another girl in front of his girlfriend, Jill, he and horny sidekick Teddy head off to a hoppin’ party, where David hopes to make amends. On the way to the shindig, a meteor hits the ground behind the two and proceeds to zap an electric pole. Power surges start affecting the raging party and things start getting weird. Doppelgangers of the teens start showing up, and time seems to be looping in 20-minute increments. This head-scratcher is like Primer, Can’t Hardly Wait and Invasion of the Body Snatchers rolled into one entertaining flick.

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