This Week in Bad Publicity Photos



Brick walls, railroad tracks, band members looking in opposite directions (I call that one the "Joshua Tree") ... all are indicators that you need to fire your band photographer.

Bad press photographs have become a perk — necessary comic relief — of my job, which basically consists every day of combing through hundreds of emails from bands, labels, publicists, promoters, clubs, and prospective writers.

Ultimately, everyone wants your attention and, even better, for you to write about them.

Well, this is the first installment of a series in which I give bands attention — maybe just not quite the attention they were looking for.

This, folks, is a bad press photo:


This band — Dazzeltine (even their name makes me want to put itchy powder in their underwear) — sent me an email with this visual gem. I can't decide if it would look fine if they actually shelled out to hire a pro photog, or if they have just drunk the of Montreal Kool-Aid and couldn't be saved by even the likes of Annie Leibovitz.

Anyway, their music is (a little) better than their photo. You can hear 'em for yourself here.

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