Your Tuesday Afternoon Out-Of-Town Tune: Pigeon John, "Set It Loose"



L.A. based rapper Pigeon John isn't coming by the Old Pueblo on his latest tour, but he'll be swinging up to the Phoenix area, playing Tempe's Stray Cat Bar & Grill on Oct. 26, accompanied by Sunspot Jonz, CC Beats, Dirty Napz, Sauce, YNOT, & Zilla.

Tickets are only $8, which is a small price to pay for both a night of quality hip-hop (though if you want, just consider it a toll for visiting the home city of Girls Gone Wild University and Casino).

And in case the promise of Pigeon John isn't enough for you, here's a bonus tune from Sunspot Jonz:

Oh, and by the way: Apparently, if you choose to pay money for the Pigeon John track featured above, you'll be entered to win a contest featuring prizes that huge Pigeon John fans will dig. Get more details on that here.

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