XOXO: Where to Rock Tuesday, March 19

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These 1960’s inspired folk/surf/psych/soul/pop rockers’ sound is similar to that of The Archies, if Lou Reed had written their songs. The Blank Tapes bring a taste of Candy to Club Congress. Details here.
  • Courtesy of Hotel Congress
From Long Beach, psychedelic shoegazers Highlands are at Owls Club. With the beautiful angst of Mute Swan. Details here.

“The noise that could be louder.” With beats that pummel or seduce, synths that soar and guitars that twang, clang and echo like Duane Eddy spiraling down a K-hole, Los Angeles’ Warm Drag exude power, allure and sex. Flanked by local badasses Lenguas Largas and Feverfew at Wooden Tooth Records. Details here.

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