What Day are we Celebrating Today? Check Your Emojis!


Today is World Emoji Day, and while that is fun and interesting, the real fun is in the reason why.

Right now, go into your emoji keyboard, scroll through to the calendar emojis and voila! They show July 17.

Here at the Tucson Weekly we celebrated by finding everyone in the office with different types of  phones, and guess what? It works on all of them! (at least on the ones we tried.)

Do you embrace the power of emojis? Or are you a stark and serious no-smiley kind of person?

What is your favorite emoji? The avocado, the tiny fire fighter, one of the 12 different options for a train? There are so many to choose from, and there are ever more being added. Happy emoji day everyone, get out there and spread the emoji love. 

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