Cinema Clips: Boy and the World



Writer-director Ale Abreu did his own drawings and paintings for this animated film, nominated for a Best Animated Film Oscar this year.

Boy and the World tells the story of a little boy who goes on a big, color bursting journey in search of his dad, and it’s not your standard animated movie. The film consists of pencil doodles, collages, crayon drawings, water paints and other mediums, strung together in a manner that flows surprisingly well.

The film contains almost no dialogue, and when characters do speak it’s in a make believe language. It’s full of vibrant music, and creative imagery. The story isn’t necessarily linear, and often told in impressionistic ways. In other words, it doesn’t have your standard beginning, middle and end.

It’s very dreamlike, and even a little scary at times. It also qualifies for multiple interpretations (I rather like my personal explanation for the ending, that of which I won’t give away here). Abreu must’ve had a blast drawing his many pictures for the movie, and it’s certainly a blast to watch them come to life. It doesn’t stand a chance at this year’s Oscars, but it does deserve a chance for you to see it. 


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