At Best, One in Eight Arizona Adults Eats Enough Fruits and Vegetables, According to CDC


It's time to start bumping up your produce intake, Arizona. - JIM MCCAFFREY / FLICKR
  • Jim McCaffrey / Flickr
  • It's time to start bumping up your produce intake, Arizona.

According to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month, Arizonans are not eating their veggies—or fruits for that matter. The sampling of 3,269 Arizona-based adults uncovered that only 12.5 percent of those studied were eating enough fruit, which boils down to seven-eighths of the population not getting adequate daily nutrition. 

While our state had higher rates of fruit consumption than many southern states like Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, Arizona was still behind 23 other states. The state leading the way in daily fruit consumption was California at 17.7 percent, which, let's be honest, is still not great. 

When it comes to vegetables, things are even bleaker. Arizona was at 9.8 percent of the sampled population eating the daily requirement of veggies with just ten states ranking higher. Mississippi rated lowest at 5.5 percent and California leading the pack again at 13 percent.

For more of the CDC's findings, you can check out the study yourself on the organization's website. But, before you do that, put the Cheetos down and grab a carrot.

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