Best of Tucson Voting: Settle the Guacamole Debate



Guacamole is important to me. So important, it seems, that when someone saw the Best Guacamole section on their Best of Tucson® ballot, he put my name down*. 

But, I'm not going to make guacamole for you, dear Tucson Weekly/The Range reader. That would be weird. Know what else is weird? That there doesn't seem to be a frontrunner in this Best of Tucson® category. I mean, I get it. We're lucky to have a lot of guacamole options. So many options! But where is it best? Where do you take your sad, midwestern relatives to show Tucson off? We need to know.

So, go vote! If you feel strongly, take all of your friends to your guacamole holy place, buy them a few bowls and convince them to second your vote.

Just in case my many, many links to the survey didn't clue you in: commenting on this post doesn't count as a vote, you have to fill out (at least!) 30 sections on our ballot to officially have a say. You can, however, make a case for your favorite guacaloving institution below and help shape impressionable minds.

* I'd like to thank my Nana for teaching me how to cook and my boyfriend for voting for me when he didn't know what else to put. I shall celebrate this honor in the traditional manner: by eating 12 avocados by myself in under 3 minutes.

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