Your Passwords Make Edward Snowden Sad



If you haven't gotten yourself access to HBO yet, it's officially time. John Oliver time, that is. In this week's Last Week Tonight, Oliver makes Edward Snowden very sad by making him face the reality that the average American just isn't sure who he is or what he did*. Oliver showed clips of "man on the street" interviews with New Yorkers who either didn't really recognize Snowden's name or thought he was the guy who runs WikiLeaks. It was interesting and sad—but not as sad as Snowden's face. Poor fella.

In this bonus clip from the episode, Snowden reminds us all that our passwords are terrible and it's time to get more creative.

All my new passwords: MargretThatcheris110%SEXY

*And I won't tell you here. If you don't know, it's time to fall into a Wikipedia hole.

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