Watch Steff and the Articles Perform "Call You Mine" in the Second T-Town Sessions Release


Steff Koeppen performs with her band at St. Cecilia Studios. - TUCSON PEOPLE / YOUTUBE
  • Tucson People / YouTube
  • Steff Koeppen performs with her band at St. Cecilia Studios.
Tucson People just released their second video in a series of four featuring Arizona artists. This time Tucson's Steff and the Articles perform their jazzy "Call You Mine" at St. Cecilia Studios. 

The T-Town Sessions, headed by videographer Abril Castillo, aim to showcase local music by using professional video and recording equipment, including Cloud Microphones. In a previous interview with The Range, Castillo said the series aims to be a little bit like the Tiny Desk Concerts put on by NPR, but focused on Arizona music.

"The idea is to expose and show everyone around the world what Tucson is doing," Castillo said. "We want to have a documentary about what is happening in the music scene in Tucson and in Arizona."

The first T-Town Sessions video features The Mission Creeps performing "Severin." Castillo will also be releasing videos featuring Dutch Holly and the Gabriel Ayala Quintet. After that, Tucson People will be searching for the next four bands to feature in the second series.

So, without further ado, here's Steff and the Articles' T-Town Session:

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