Cobalt Cranes Bring Lolipop Love to the Flycatcher



For all of you Lolipop Records devotees, it's time to set aside your stacks of cassette tapes and head to the Flycatcher on Friday, Feb. 20. Cobalt Cranes are stopping into town and their recent album "Days in the Sun" is dark and moody neo-psych at its finest with a dash of grunge for good measure.

Fronted by aquamarine hair sporting Tim Foley, the band originally started in LA as a duo with Foley and bassist Kate Beutel. Now on tour with a full band, Cobalt Cranes will be joined by local artists Wight Lhite and La Cerca when they play Flycatcher on Friday starting at 9 p.m. Tickets for the show are $5.

Check out Cobalt Cranes' "Flowers on Your Grave," which kind of sounds like a mix of the Black Angels with some Blur a la "There's No Other Way."

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