Arizona's Most Iconic Restaurant Is a Tucson Institution



The list-making mecca Thrillist released a list of the most iconic restaurants and each state and Arizona's title went to El Charro.

Though the article says that the list makers searched for more that just which restaurant was oldest, factoring in "tons of research, awkward cold calls, and several cross country trips," you kind of have to wonder if the research went much further than that one New York Magazine article that listed El Charro as the state's top food destination a couple years back. Certainly, there are many other favorites for nostalgic Mexican eats around town and in the state.

While it's cool in any case that Tucson got a shout out on Thrillist, which local joint do you think deserves the badge most iconic? Is it El Charro?

Keep in mind, your choices, according to Thrillist, have to have opened at least since 1985 and "still be a crowd favorite" (Read: Have a high rating on Yelp?).

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