Remembering Sept. 11, 2001, with Jon Stewart


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From the Daily Show's first show after Sept. 11, 2001:

" ... our show has changed, I don't doubt that. What it's become I don't know. ... The main reason I wanted to speak tonight is not to show you what the show is going to be ... we've had an unenduring pain here, unendurable pain. I wanted to tell you why I grieve. But I don't despair. Luckily we can edit this," Jon Stewart.

Luckily they didn't edit "this."

The view from his apartment was the World Trade Center, so I can't think of any better way to remember today's 13th anniversary of Sept. 11 or even begin to understand what most New Yorkers were going through at the time.

But I do remember watching this show, and others, and at the time, I remember thinking of them as national collective gifts that seemed to come just in time, a balm on our broken hearts.


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