Hero of the Week: Bode Beirdneau



While the news is usually focused on hate, corruption, and crime, not all is lost. While your favorite athlete spent the weekend injecting more steroids than you could pay for with a year's salary, or as his publicist says, "living in the gym, for the team and for the fans," an everyday hero was at work.

Hero of the Week: Bode Beirdneau
  • Bode Beirdneau

Our story begins in Lake Tahoe, California Republic. Again. A young man and his father reportedly went on a trip to the "snow," a weather phenomenon from traditional Scandinavian folklore where frozen water particles blanket the earth. Although a handful of Tucson locals say they have personally seen snow in the mountains in the dead of winter, others tell the same tall tales about sasquatch and the chupacabra. Bode Beirdneau and his father were spending time together riding "snowmobiles," a science-fiction transportation device similar to Santa's sled or luck dragons.

Unfortunately, the trip took a turn for the worse. After crashing his snowmobile and sustaining serious injuries, JT Bierdneau realized that riding miles into the wilderness without a map, emergency signal, radio, or phone reception was not his best idea. His nine-year-old son determined that his time window to act would be short in the severe weather and decided to ride out on his own to look for help, with no map and limited directions. He ultimately found another rider with an emergency radio and was able to direct rescue personnel to his father before the situation worsened.

In summary, Bode is a true hero: he went alone into the frozen wilderness, ignored everything taught to him by approaching a total stranger alone for help, then led the rescuers through the wilderness and/or followed his snowmobile tracks back to his father. Thanks to Bode's efforts, his father is expected to make a full recovery. I'm also obligated to add that Bode was happy that he was still able to finish his homework assignments, as that's adorable and makes us simultaneously reflect on the youthful innocence of the hero while putting his remarkable act into the perspective of an unassuming child thrust into a colossal situation or something.

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Until next week, may all your dreams come true.

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