Butterball Fails to Deliver Enough Fresh Turkeys


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The jive turkeys at Butterball might have ruined your Thanksgiving. Butterball, the world's largest turkey producer, announced that retailers will get half as many fresh never-frozen turkeys this year.

The company statement comes less than two weeks before the Thanksgiving holidays and could impact holiday meal plans coast-to-coast. When Butterball talks, holiday cooks listen. This year, Butterball will produce about 41 million turkeys – weighing a combined 1.2 billion pounds. Figure one in four Thanksgiving turkeys are Butterball.

You're in luck if you like small fresh or giant frozen turkeys because they killed enough of those. Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL if this news angers you enough to talk to an under paid call center employee. They will be taking your complaints until Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!



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