Today in Disconcerting "Help Wanted" Ads, Some Dude Wants a Hitman



Well. This is weird.


I mean, my first response is a loud and confused "what the actual f—k??"

But let's back up: There's sure to be a reason behind this, right? Look at the username: it's an obvious Game of Thrones reference.

But at the same time, why would someone post this to such a public forum, particularly when making an effort to be, uh...discreet?

Honestly, I'm just so confused, and vaguely uncomfortable.

Either way, apparently someone has a job opening available.

(Note: It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to turn this guy in if he contacts you. Just saying.)

Update: A response from Reddit user _TYRION_KILLS_TYWIN_: "It's a joke."

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