Rep. Farnsworth Doesn't Care About Public Health



I guess Rep. Eddie Farnsworth would just prefer one of Arizona's universities or community colleges deal with a measles outbreak, so that the individual liberties of a group of people with very little medical evidence on their side are preserved. Welcome to the new session of the Arizona Legislature!

From HB 2383:

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 15, chapter 14, article 2, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 15-1826, to read:

15-1826. Immunizations as a condition of admission or enrollment; prohibition

The Arizona board of regents and the community college districts in this state shall not require immunizations as a condition of admission to or enrollment in a university or community college or as a condition of admission to or enrollment in any program of study offered by a university or community college.

[HT: Craig McDermott]

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