Skrillex's Lyrics Are Dumb



I personally don't fully understand the musical sub-genre dubstep, but the insta-fame of dude-in-a-post-hardcore-band-turned-electronic-music-producer Skrillex* is particularly confusing to me. Not that my opinion matters to him or his fans, but once someone appears as a "featured artist" on a Korn record, I sort of tune out of whatever music they're creating. However, with the helpful subtitles provided by YouTube user DubstepLyrics, his music all of a sudden makes sense. The part that goes "WEEEERRRGGGGHHH AHHHHHH"? Poetry, pure and simple.

* If your impulse is to send me an angry email telling me that "Skrillex isn't dubstep", save yourself the trouble. I DON'T CARE.


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