Take-Aways From Thursday's UMC Press Conference



One patient in critical, four in fair, one to be discharged. All making fantastic progress.

She did have spontaneous eye opening yesterday, more and more alert.

Rhee: Aggressive physical therapy with Giffords today.

Lemole: Eye opening was a combination of the unexpected and familiar. Implies that parts of brain that let us awake from sleeping, arousal center, are working.

Lemole: All very encouraging. The consistency of her reactions is positive and important.

Lemole: We are always vigilant, but this is a major milestone for Giffords.

Rhee: Removal of breathing tube is next major milestone. Probably will wait at this time.

Lemole: Difference between eye opening on Sunday and yesterday was the type of stimulation.

Lemole: We have seen the eyes begin to track.

Rhee: Hope to get Giffords into a chair tomorrow. Giffords is breathing on her own, tube is not breathing for her.

Rhee: Giffords' reaction is similar to waking up in the morning.

Lemole: "Dangling" Giffords off bed allows them to analyze use of her legs, which appears strong.

Lemole: You could see that Giffords was more "aroused" when congresswomen were around. The "unexpected familiarity". Difficult to quantify influence of family and friends.

Rhee: Less miraculous for doctors because they had seen signs coming.

Lemole: "Miracles happen every day...we are wise to recognize miracles."

Rhee: Response they've received is "crazy". Lemole: "It's humbling."

Lemole: Every exertion is tiring, doctors are looking for stretches of activity.

Lemole: Confirmed that Giffords is moving both of her arms, both of her legs, opening both of her eyes.

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