The Great Cover Up Rolls On



Listen, you made a mistake by not going to the Great Cover-Up last night (unless you did go, then you're off the hook). These things happen, but you can make it up by going to the remaining two shows—at Club Congress tonight, and the Rialto tomorrow.

Saturday's show features Calexico as a closer, so that's kind of a big deal. Then again, these guys won't be there, so maybe it all balances out.

Schedules for the next two nights and the acts being covered, below the cut.

Friday @ Congress
Doors at 6:30
7:30 — Some Of Them Are Old
8:00 — Marianne Dissard
8:30 — The Distortionists
9:00 — Mars Day and the Extra Time
9:30 — Al Perry
10:00 — Flint
10:30 — The Swigs
11:00 — Spacefish
11:30 — The Gallery
12:00 — Shaun Harris
12:30 — The Tryst
1:00 — The Mission Creeps

Covering in no particular order: Prince, Jane's Addiction, Steve Miller Band, Run DMC, The Misfits, Diamanda Galas, Nirvana, Yoko Ono, Erykah Badu, The Beegees, The Strokes, AC/DC

Saturday @ the Rialto
Doors at 5:30
7:00 — Tyler Scruggs
7:30 — Muddy Bug
8:00 — Chris Holiman
8:30 — The Modeens
9:00 — The Fisters
9:30 - Sinphonics
10:00 — Las Exciteras
10:30 — Feed
11:00 — Silver Thread Trio
11:30 — Gat Rot
12:00 — The Runaway 5
12:30 — Seashell Radio
1:00 — Calexico

Covering in no particular order: The Doors, Phil Collins, Neko Case, The Exciters, The Pretenders, James Taylor, Weezer, The Monkees, X, The Flaming Lips, John Mellencamp, Yacht Rock, Donovan

My Weezer request, if it's not too late:

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