Finally, Someone's Getting the Pulse of the Near-Convict Community


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The virtual remains of the Tucson Citizen is a strange place in general these days, but one article yesterday by Ryn Gargulinski actually brought up some interesting questions about an unsolved murder outside local strip club the Candy Store a little more than a year ago, while also looking at the effects of violent crime on families and the community as a whole.

But then, at the bottom of the article, as apparently is the style around there, there's a poll.


Now, I understand the idea of drawing in increase clicks and longer visits, but does it seem a little distasteful to end a crime story with a query about eluding conviction—especially trying to elicit comments about the specifics right below a tough story about people dealing with the challenges of real life.

I was a little mystified by the "gross stuff" tag put on the post, but maybe that referred to the inappropriateness of the poll.


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