Huppenthal Wants to Stop 'La Raza'



KGUN Channel 9 did a report yesterday on a John Huppenthal radio ad.

In the ad, the Republican candidate for superintendent of public instruction said he wants to stop "la raza."

I don't think Huppenthal understands that no one can stop la raza. Reporter Steve Nunez gave him a Spanish lesson you can see here.

Nine On Your Side's Steve Nunez asked Huppenthal, "What does bilingual education and SB1070 have to do with your proclamation that you will stop ‘La Raza,' which means the people and not the program? "Well ‘La Raza' has become synonymous with the program in the Tucson Unified School District," answered Huppenthal.

No. Really, it hasn't, John.


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