New Chef's Garden for jaxKitchen



Brian Metzger, who owns and operates jaxKitchen with his wife Sandy, says homegrown vegetables could be showing up on his menu as early as this summer, thanks to a new chef’s garden.

Metzger said via e-mail that the entire staff of the restaurant and Noel Patterson (formerly of Hacienda del Sol and VinTabla) pitched in to dig and plant the garden on a plot of land in Barrio Viejo. He said vegetables have been planted, and plans are being developed to integrate them into meals at the popular northwest-side eatery.

“We are really excited that we will be able to offer our guests farm-to-table food, at jaxKitchen prices!” wrote Metzger in the e-mail. “We plan on our chef Casey McQueen having a ‘chef’s garden menu’ beginning hopefully in mid-June and running throughout October which will feature whatever the earth plans … in an ever-changing combination of flavors.”

An entry on the restaurant’s website says the vegetables will be featured on a tasting menu that will change almost daily. The entry also says that pictures and news will soon be posted on a new blog focusing on the garden.

Metzger is also looking for volunteers interested in helping out with some garden work. Call 219-1235 for more information.

In related news, jaxKitchen unveils a new menu this Wednesday, and now offers al fresco dining at a couple of tables on the sidewalk in front of the eatery.


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