Earth Day at Dinnerware



Besides planting a tree or giving up plastic bags today in honor of Earth Day, why not take in some art?

Head out to Dinnerware Artspace, 264 E. Congress from 5 to 8 p.m. to check out Carbon Neutral, an unjuried show, open to all, using found objects. It costs $5 for the artists reception, which includes a legume buffet using beans from Native Seeds/SEARCH, plus mixed green salad, wine, beer and some apple pie. You can't go wrong.

Here's a description of what you might see tonight from Dinnerware's David Aguirre:

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2009, we want you to create a special
something: a lamp maybe, or other artistic form, using objects that are
"within arms reach", whose lifespan seems almost depleted, but get
resurrected rather than purchase new objects.
Found objects find you. Objects meant for another use.
Fabric, shoes, furniture wood, lampshade, wheels, bike parts, etc.

"Carbon Neutral" is an exhibition of visually interesting, provocative work
by artist-tinkerers, mainstream artists, and creative persons, willing to
explore the art of Eco-renovation, or as Mat Bevel calls it, Available
Resource Technology.


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