Could You Be a Good Coyote?


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Anyone out there into the Showtime series Weeds?

I don't want to blow it for those of you renting last season (which was so-so). This season (four) is better than it's been since the Mary Jane-inspired show first started in 2005. Nancy Botwin has brought her crew out of the Agrestic burbs to a San Diego/border beach community, and while marijuana remains a main character, the show is also bringing up some thought-provoking border story lines with border politics now joining the cast. Botwin's brother-in-law, Andy, and their friend Doug are now in the beginning stages of growing a new business-- being "good coyotes"--trafficking illegals over the border in a nice Jet Blue kind of way, with an excellent Minuteman portrayal by Lee Majors (who also happens to play Grandpa Max in the live-action Ben 10 movies)!


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