A Meeting of the Minds



While the Forest Service is having public meetings to discuss the Augusta/Rosemont mining issue (public hearings, not listening meetings), friends from the Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, Rincon Institute, Empire-Fagan Coalition and the Cienega Watershed Partnership are getting together to have their own meeting--thank you very much! 

On Thursday, April 17, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. is "Mining and the Impacts in the Vail Area --A Public Meeting," at Empire High School, 10701 E. Mary Ann Cleveland Way (1/4 mile east of Houghton Road). 

The meeting is free, and while the groups are probably not planning to bus in potential mining employees, Augusta reps need not worry about showing their faces. For more information, call 495-4339, or e-mail kim@scenicsantaritas.org.

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